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Why Christian Kids Rebel

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So this past month I have been reading Dr. Tim’s book, “Why Christian Kids Rebel.”  And let me just say…

 in a timid, humble and quiet way…


 Just in case that might of slipped by you and you didn’t quite catch what I was trying to say, let me say it one more time…


 Yeah, you probably heard me that time.

 Seriously, it is!

 So here is the deal.  The Family Matter’s Team and Dr. Tim haven’t paid me anything to endorse the book, no Sham Wow, no free trips to Scottsdale and no membership to the Brady Bunch fan club.

Here is why I am so passionate about this particular book.

The Spirit of God used this book to show me patterns that were so deeply imbedded into my DNA…patterns, if left unaddressed, would eventually drive my kids away from Jesus.

God just gave Dr. Tim great insight and revelation in this book.

He did such a strong job of pointing out where I’ve screwed up.  He pointed out some of the artificial spiritual expectations that I have placed on kids.  He shed light on some of the ridiculous spiritual hoops that I have made my kids jump through.  He also did a great job of pointing out some of my wrongs, celebrating my good stuff and showing me what I needed to change to really impact my kids for Christ.

So far in my 40 years of life, there are three books that have significantly impacted my life…

  • “Abba’s Child”  by Brennan Manning
  • “The Shack”  by William P. Young (if you are offended by this book and want to chat, feel free to email me a
  • “Why Christian Kids Rebel”  by Dr. Tim Kimmell

So if your kids are rebellious and refuse to burn their records at the next “youth group burning records for Jesus night”.  Or if your kids are playing spin the bottle, cutting (which is a very serious issue by the way), skipping church and cussing out people on Facebook you should probably check into picking up a copy of this book.  It really will help you parent your kids through this season of life.

If your kids are younger and not into much trouble just yet, you should also pick up a copy.  It could save you a lifetime of hurt if you will learn to do just a few things differently.

Chris Spradlin

Chris Spradlin writes at EP is a blog that offers Jesus focused, honest, authentic, on-the-edge, innovative, entrepreneurial, get-your-hands-dirty parenting advice. Chris was on staff for several years at as a pastor and team teacher and now is a Pastor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  (someone has to serve in the heart of the Rockies). His wife’s name is Jodie and she has made the decision to go back to school and study nursing, so Chris is officially Mr. Mom where he is learning to cook breakfast, get kids ready for school, doc appointments, homework, dishes as well as laundry. He has three kiddos – Cole, Kylie and Tifton – and he passionately believes that if parents would step into their G

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  1. Lori says:

    There’s a Brady Bunch Fan Club??? Sign me up. :>) No seriously…next book on my reading list! Thanks!