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Be Your Kid’s Hero

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The next few months are shaping up to be a blockbuster, mega hit, multi million, super hero save the world kind of a summer!

I was at the movies with my oldest son Cole (AKA…ColeTrain, Train) last week and we saw trailers for The Avengers, Bat Man and Spider Man.  My family, also known as Team Sprad, has become obsessed with these heroes.  We love Iron Man, The Hulk, The Incredibles, Nacho Libre (he’s a super hero in our FAM) and even Wonder Twins activate…form as a block of ice!!  If you don’t get it, YouTube it and you’ll see the light!

So as I was watching all these trailers I was confronted with just one simple question…

Am I my worthy to be called my kids hero?

Then I received this text message just a few days afterwards.

I am one of the biggest fans of all these larger than life hero movies! But…

I am sick and tired of kids having to look outside of their family units for heroes.  I am tired of lazy, passive, fathers that care more about the NBA Finals than they do raising up kids that will change the world.

I am sick and tired of mom’s that are more concerned about their image and status than they are preserving the purity of their daughters.

The time has come!

We need mom and dad to step into the pay phone booth, put on the mask, squeeze into those stretchy pants, embrace the cape and fly into their kid’s world and be a freakin hero!

Chris Spradlin

Chris Spradlin writes at EP is a blog that offers Jesus focused, honest, authentic, on-the-edge, innovative, entrepreneurial, get-your-hands-dirty parenting advice. Chris was on staff for several years at as a pastor and team teacher and now is a Pastor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  (someone has to serve in the heart of the Rockies). His wife’s name is Jodie and she has made the decision to go back to school and study nursing, so Chris is officially Mr. Mom where he is learning to cook breakfast, get kids ready for school, doc appointments, homework, dishes as well as laundry. He has three kiddos – Cole, Kylie and Tifton – and he passionately believes that if parents would step into their G