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Love, Mom

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love, mom

Dearest Little One,

There are some things that I think you need to know.

I had dreams for you when you were only a flutter in my womb. I loved you long before I knew that you would have those beautiful dimples and that infectious giggle. I prayed for you having never laid eyes on you. I was smitten before they ever placed you in my arms.

I will be sleep deprived and weary, but I will still rock you in the wee hours of the morn. I will watch the rise and fall of your chest and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I will cry for sheer exhaustion and wonder if I will survive the first year. Then, when it’s over, I will say that I would do it all over again.

When you fall down, I will always come running. If you want to talk, I will listen. And, if you don’t, I will simply sit and be with you. I will never say I told you so when that boy breaks your heart. I will roll the windows down and play the radio loud with you. I will take your fashion advice. I will respect you, pray with you and let you borrow my shoes.

I will mess up. Oh, especially during those teen years. I will make mistakes. But I will make them out of love.

I pray that you will follow hard after God. I believe in you. I know that you will do mighty things for Him and I cannot wait. He may call you far from me and I will cry. But I will be your biggest fan.

I will love your husband like I love you. I will be flexible about holidays. I will be a hip and cool grandma. You can call me in the middle of the night when the baby won’t sleep. Don’t worry about the stretch marks or the extra ten pounds. I promise, it is all worth it.

One day, when I cannot be here with you any longer, please do not feel alone. I will be leaving you in very good hands. I may be your mother, but He is God. And He loves you even more.



Stacy Edwards

Stacy Edwards is a trucker’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. She is a freelance writer and a mom to four fabulous little girls. Stacy blogs at Servant’s Life where she uses her words to point others to the hope and encouragement found in Christ.

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