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Reader Survey & Giveaway

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reader survey

Every so often we like to check in with you, the readers who make the Family Matters Blog the community it is. We want to know what we can do to make our blog even more useful and fun for you.

It’s that time again. We have a short-and-sweet survey that we’d love you to fill out.

Surveys are less fun than a date night  - we know.  To sweeten the pot a little, we’re giving away a FAMILY LIBRARYONE lucky reader who completes the survey will win a Family Library, nine books by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  Value of $89!

(Also? We really, really appreciate and value your feedback.)


Reader Survey

What is your gender?

How old(ish) are you?

How many children do you have?

How old are your children? (Check all that apply)

How do you describe your work situation?

How do you read the Family Matters Blog?


In it to WIN IT:

1. Fill out our Reader Survey (above). Be sure to leave your email address at the end of the survey so we can verify your survey if you win!

2. Leave a comment letting us know you filled out the survey. Winners will be drawn from the comments on the blog, so a comment is necessary in order to enter.

That’s it! Giveaway runs through Friday, November 9th. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Good luck, and thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

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  1. Lisa Spencer says:

    Please do something about the “SHARE” popup on the side of your site. Can only read/see so much at a time.

  2. I filled out the survey.

  3. Riley Ussery says:

    I completed the survey – what a fun giveaway!

  4. Amber Blagg says:

    I have learned so much from you.

  5. I filled out the survey! Thanks!

  6. Tonya Grosh says:

    I completed the survey! Thanks for offering this :)

  7. Shaunda says:

    I filled out the survey. Thank you!!

  8. Angela says:

    I filled out the survey.

  9. kelly says:

    I filled out the survey :) Thanks!

  10. Sarah says:

    Filled out the survey. Thanks for all your work!

  11. Ashley says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Todd says:

    the survey has been completed by me! Always very timely, useful, and helpful articles….Thank you!

  13. Kim says:

    I completed the survey. I work fulltime outside the home but that was not a choice. Thanks.

  14. Bruce says:

    I completed the survey.

  15. Lynda says:

    Just filled out the survey. Enjoy the articles. FYI, the question about work situation has “work part-time from home” twice and does not have a “work full-time outside the home”, which is my current situation.

  16. Kay says:

    Filled out the survey and enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!

  17. Lauren says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks!

  18. Leticia says:

    Survey done… not too painful! Thanks for all you do.

  19. Angie says:

    Filled out the survey and crossing my fingers!

  20. Karla says:

    survey is filled out. Really appreciate all the work you do, very helpful:)

  21. Karen says:

    I filled out the survey….thank you for the opportunity!

  22. Cynthia says:

    Filled it out. I appreciate your ministry!

  23. Jen says:

    I filled out the survey! Thank you!

  24. Faith says:

    I completed the survey. I appreciate the wisdom of the posts here. I would love to win this library.

  25. Kara says:

    I completed the survey. Love this awesome ministry and all the incredible resources you share!!

  26. Marisa says:

    Survey done :) Tanks for your ministry!

  27. Lyla VALOUCH says:

    I am always encouraged in some way by what I read in your e-letters. Thankyou!

  28. Patricia says:

    Survey done, not so bad. Agreeing with Lisa about the “share” pop-up needing to go away. Your ministry has been a great blessing through the years.

  29. Herald says:

    I have filled out the survey. Thank you for sending the survey invitation. Blessings to you and your ministry!

  30. Jessica says:

    Filled out the survey. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me in my journey as a parent, thank you so much!

  31. Shannon says:

    I so enjoy the blog, and love following Karis’ blog too. Thanks for sharing you lives with us! I often refer back to my Tim Kimmel books and am so grateful for the “graceful” reminders! I completed the survey!

  32. Jolie says:

    What a fun giveaway! We love Family Matters!!!!!

  33. Stefanie says:

    I am new to this ministry and am in the process of reading Grace Based Parenting. Liking what I read so far!

  34. Jennifer says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for the chance! :)

  35. Kym says:

    I filled out the survey & I enjoy receiving your emails!

  36. John Ussery says:

    I filled out the survey

  37. Vicki says:

    Filled the survey. Thanks for all the support and wisdom you share with us parents!!!

  38. Kari Schmidt says:

    I filled the survey out! Thanks so much!!!! :)

  39. Martha says:

    Completed the survey. Thanks for the tips and thoughts on Family Matters newsletters

  40. Nicole says:

    Filled out the survey… love the site… love your books!!!

  41. Kristin Thomson says:

    Completed the survey! :D

  42. Stacey says:

    I completed the survey

  43. Stephanie says:

    I filled out the survey! Thanks!

  44. Ashley says:

    Thank you for a grace-filled ministry!

  45. Joni says:

    Thanks for giving us a chance for these great, free resources!! So kind! :)

  46. Lisa says:

    Completed the survey. Thanks, I really needed a reminder to get out of the day-to-day parenting rut. We would be blessed with the resources. :)

  47. Esther says:

    I completed the survey. Thanks!

  48. Amanda Teske says:

    I’m so blessed by this blog! It is such an encouragement. I filled out the survey with pleasure!

  49. Julie says:

    I filled out the survey. I’ve already read one of your books, but would like the whole library! :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  50. Sharon F says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for your help over the years. and If you offered Tim’s talks as audio podcasts or mp3, I would download and enjoy.
    thanks for getting better and better.

  51. Brad says:

    I love what you all are doing there at Family Matters. Filled out the survey. Keep up the great work!

  52. I did the survey which I think is SUCH A FUN IDEA! If I win, I’d be sharing the books with others as we do ministry….thanks for all you folks do! LOVE the posts, newsletters, etc.

  53. sue b says:

    thanks for your ministry-has given us great ideas over the years.

  54. Line says:

    I did your survey. Thank-you for your blog love reading it.

  55. Debbie says:

    Survey completed. Did anyone else notice there was not an option to work full time outside the home?
    Great topics in the emails. I really enjoy them.

  56. Michelle says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks!!

  57. Kim says:

    I completed the survey

  58. Nancy Smith says:

    Thanks so much for all I’ve learned from you over the years, Tim Kimmel! Not an active parent but actively helping my kids with their kiddos now. I refer them back to the blog frequently. And, thanks again, for the Allume info back in the spring. I can’t tell you what a blessing it was and to know that I would never have known about it if not for your blot. Completed the survey! Nancy

  59. Julie Hassert says:

    I completed the survey:-)

  60. Victoria says:

    Thank you so much for such rich, insightful content in your newsletters in “just the right chunks” to read. They’re not so short that it makes the content pithy and not so long I’m challenged to read it due to demands on my time.

  61. Kristin says:

    Survey is completed. I really enjoy the topics and variety. Thanks!

  62. Juli says:

    Thanks for your e-mails. (I filled out the survery.) I appreciate your insights into parenting.

  63. Karen says:

    Did the survey – thank you for what you do!

  64. Judy says:

    Survey is completed! :)

  65. Caroline Hiebert says:

    Thank-you for all your information that you send out in your e-mails. I love reading them and they sound so right! Now I just need to make it all work.

  66. Zuza Onasoga says:

    completed the survey :)

  67. Debbie Hartman says:

    I completed the survey. I love receiving your emails. I am always encouraged by your words of wisdom.

  68. Frances Sheets says:

    Your newsleters always are a wealth of helpful information. I am grateful for it and share the info. when I can. Thank you for all your work.

  69. Eileen says:

    survey is completed. Thanks for your ministry!

  70. Vanessa says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Lisa Bucknell says:

    I’d love to win … thanks for blogging!!

  72. Bibi says:

    I filled up the survey. Thanks for your ministry !

  73. Cris says:

    Completed the survey! I appreciate your ministry!

  74. Nancy says:

    Thanks for your ministry. The survey is completed.

  75. timari says:

    Filled out the survey – Thanks for ‘sweetening the pot!’

  76. Morris Feigel says:

    Completed the survey

  77. cathleen rafalko says:

    Trying to raise godly, obedient and loving children… thanks for the help!

  78. Laurie McClure says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Rachel says:

    I filled out the survey. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Ashley Timmerman says:

    Survey complete!

  81. Lori Ryberg says:


  82. Amy Roberts says:

    I filled out the survey! Thanks.

  83. Sherri Morris says:

    I completed the survey!!

    There was not the choice “full time away from home” for how employed.

  84. Tina says:

    Love love love Family Matters. Know that I can trust your reliable source for Christ-centered, wise, applicable and challenging advice. Thank you so much for that blessing! :)