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how to be at your best when your kids are at their worst

Family Matters is proud to present a NEW BOOK, Grace Based Discipline: How to Be at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst by Karis Kimmel Murray. If you’re a parent who’s ever scratched your head wondering how to discipline your kids with grace, this book is the practical help you’ve been waiting […]

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a less rules summer

If you’re anything like me the prospect of summer vacation and the end of the school year fills you with a mixture of relief and dread. Relief because it means limping across the finish line of homework, research projects, after school activities, reading logs, and the early morning rush. Dread because ten whole weeks of […]

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Love One Another

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It’s not a stretch to compare a kid’s birthday party to a war zone. I mean, 30 kids playing games, having a water balloon fight, eating cake and ice cream, and opening presents is certainly the fastest way I know to make your home look like the Battle of Armageddon. My six year old daughter’s […]

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Thanksgiving, family Matters, Grace Based Parenting

The fall season seems to be a mashup of Halloween and Christmas with Thanksgiving only a transition between the two. I want to get t-shirts made that say, “Happy Hallothankmas!” Thanksgiving is the least commercialized holiday. That’s why I think it’s an important holiday for families to put emphasis on. Its simplicity, introspection and grateful […]

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Grace based parenting, family matters, karis kimmel murray, digital age, parenting

Parenting has always been tough. But technology, social media and the virtual space have added nuance and complexity to the job of raising kids. Our generation, born in the 70’s and 80’s, had front row seats to the rise of the digital age. We’re probably the only generation of people who’ve actually used both a […]

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There’s so much parenting advice out there! With myriad voices claiming that their method is best, how do parents sift through all of the advice to find the truth? Following is a question that was emailed to us and our response. We think it might be helpful to both parents and pastors as they try […]

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Grace Filled marriage, Dr. Tim Kimmel

Everyone wants to raise successful kids, but we often forget that it starts with our marriages. Having a healthy marriage is one of the most potent tools for raising successful kids. That’s why Family Matters provides teaching and resources for couples to strengthen and invest in their marriages. Ways to help: Find out more about […]

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Body Image, How to talk to your kids about fitness, Karis Murray, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting, Healthy

  I’ve written before about body image and the important role that both fathers and mothers play in helping to form a healthy body image in their children. We have an important responsibility as parents to keep a healthy body image and therefore transfer that healthy body image to our kids. Mostly, how we feel […]

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Grace based parenting

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” When this passage is read directly from the Hebrew text it actually says, “Train up a child according to their unique inner bent.” This meaning implies a few things that we […]

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Diamonds and Divine Moments

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lost diamond

A few nights ago, I had a moment that makes your heart dangle deep within your gut. I looked down at my engagement ring, given to me by my husband nearly 12 years ago, and noticed that the diamond solitaire was missing. To be more specific, I had reached my hand into my pantry cabinet and […]

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