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strong dads

Boys should be able to describe what a godly man looks like, having watched one from the time they were a little boy.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most.  For many boys, a godly man is something like Superman or Big Foot.  It is not something that can be grasped. A couple of weeks […]

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When Does Your Son Become A Man

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son becomes a man

This is the million-dollar question for our current generation of American boys.  They are wandering, looking for any possible way to get a firm answer so they can begin the next chapter of their lives.  Unfortunately, many of them will never get the answer they are looking for, so they spend the rest of their […]

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family on beach

A few years ago I was speaking to a group of high school students at my house.   In the middle of my time with them, my wife and kids got back home, so I went through each one of them to introduce them to the students. I started with my oldest and worked down to […]

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Foster or Adopt

“How did you make the decision to do this?” This is the question I hear the most from people when they find out we foster kids.  Most of the time, it is well-meaning people who are agonizing whether or not fostering/adoption is for them. Let’s be honest; 99.7% of the time, the wife is for […]

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