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  Most of us caring for one with special needs have to say “no” to a lot. Recalling days on end as a young mom, I remember barely coming up for air from treading the waters of life that engulfed me. It was never ending: Therapies Doctors/hospitals Diapers 2 more (beautiful and lovely) children (daughters) […]

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You must be “special people” to have a special child…  It’s a phrase that’s often said to us special needs parents, and I can only assume  it’s said with good intentions as an attempt to give us a compliment but, inside, I want to scream!!! I wish I were such a very special person that […]

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A short time ago I shared something with someone that involved our care for Joey (our 34 year old son with special needs). It had something to do with us not being able to go out for an evening too far away or for too long of a time span without getting someone to watch […]

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  Special needs, age 34 and totally enjoying his “kid” show… as he kept saying “booger, booger….” with some intensity. I said, “Joey just get a Kleenex. “Mom, booger, BOOGER!” I repeated to get a Kleenex. Finally, he points to the TV and I could see he was watching WORD GIRL, yes, WORD GIRL. In […]

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  Those of us caring for children with disabilities are used to hearing people say things like, “They look fine to me.” There are, indeed, some children with disabilities that have few visible appearances that would make them stand out as special in some way. But even when there are noticeable things and people say […]

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He Likes it BUMPY!

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  Honestly, I’d have never guessed my son with special needs would like a bumpy plane ride. For most of us, we clamp our hands around the arm rest exposing our white knuckles trying to act like we’re really reading that book in our other hand and actually comprehending it. Sure, we’re doing just fine! […]

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My husband had finished his requirements for graduation from dental school at THE Ohio State University, and was given a menu of options and opportunities regarding where he could spend some discretionary free time. He chose to work at University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, doing dentistry for children with special needs. He was taught in […]

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Filter Wanted

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Grace Based Parenting

I wish I could FILTER my thoughts, words and life like….my son does.   My thoughts and words aren’t always pretty. I wish they were. They often come pouring from my mind through my mouth like a coffee maker without a filter. (Sipping on coffee grounds is simply unpleasant!) I’ve improved over time and I […]

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  “WHAT SOCIAL LIFE!??!” …is what you might be asking if you’re the caregiver of one with special needs. We’ve asked it! The truth is…a social life is really difficult – for us and for our loved one.   We haven’t done research on this, but for our own life, personally, there have been few […]

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  From time to time we (the primary “care-giver”) has a need to leave the home. Leave town. Well, not in the sense that they’re taking off for good, but in the sense that something else besides our child is calling for our attention. Maybe it’s:   Caring for a parent who needs help Helping […]

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