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Surprise Ending

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“I want you to tell others that they should not wait until a crisis comes to learn how to pray,” the dying man said.   Good advice, but it came from an unlikely convert: Ty Cobb, maybe the greatest player in baseball history; certainly the meanest and most fearless. Cobb came from a respectable but […]

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REACH, Edy Sutherland, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters Blog, Encouragement, Grace Based Parenting

  I ski up mountains. I know, you might ask “Who does that?” I do. It’s an opportunity to physically exhaust myself in order to strengthen my resolve to be a true disciple of Jesus. You see, I’m naturally self-focused and pride-filled (Jeremiah 17:9). Maybe this resonates with you?   On my latest climb up […]

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A Child for All Seasons

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A cute elderly couple in matching Christmas sweaters stepped aside so that my family could slip into the pew to their left. Their Santa Claus hats seemed a bit much for a Christmas Eve candlelight service, but it was the season. Just about everything that could be decorated gets decorated during this time of year, […]

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