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Parents, STOP Comparing!

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It seems lately I’m seeing a high number of articles describing the challenges of the different ways we choose to live our lives…or ways we have to live our lives.  I used to understand this – the need to justify and convince others of the value of what we’re doing or the choices we’ve made.  […]

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  I saw your stilettos as soon as they entered the room. I was hunched over trying to retrieve my two year old from under someone else’s chair. I could not help but notice the mulch from the playground stuck to the bottom of my dirty tennis shoes.   I sat up and took notice […]

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The Mommy Truth

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Have you ever watched another woman from afar and envied her composure while you tried to hide the fact that your socks didn’t match and you had not yet bathed that day?  Have you ever read a blog written by a homeschooling, scratch baking, crafty mom of six and felt guilty because your children were […]

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Next Week Never Comes

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  It’s a small decision, but a decision none the less.   I have decided to stop saying that “next week will be better.” Not “better” as in- this week is bad. Just “better” in that I will have more time, things will be less stressful, we will have fewer commitments and overall life will […]

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Fearless is a series about women living fearless lives. The words fearless and courageous are used interchangeably, however I like the word “fearless” more. I’m not sure why, I just do.  A shortcoming of the word “fearless” is that it tends to communicate a lack of fear. So, what do I mean by it? To […]

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