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Dear Readers, My name is Karis Murray. I’m the Creative Director at Family Matters, and my parents, Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel founded this ministry in 1983. At Family Matters, we’ve always been message-bearers. Everything we do… books, conferences, speaking engagements, radio, blogging and social media is for one purpose: To carry the message of […]

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case of water, Darcy Kimmel, How much would you pay, Dilemma, grace based parenting, grandparenting

“Oh, oh!”   “What’s wrong Nana?”   “They didn’t charge me for this case of water. They probably didn’t see it here on the bottom rack.”   At that moment, I had several options:   (Convenience)  It would have been so much easier to just put my groceries into my car including the case of […]

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Designing Dilemmas, Darcy Kimmel, Real World Application, Family matters

We took three of our grandchildren with us on a recent trip to Texas and I was reminded of something that we were very deliberate about as we raised our own children.   Designed Dilemmas.   When it comes to getting our children ready for the future, we must provide dilemmas that allow them to […]

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Family Mission Statement

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Family matters, dr. Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting

Do you have a Family Mission Statement? Don’t hang your head if you have to say, “Not really” or “I don’t even know what that is”. Nobody’s judging. You’re in the majority.   A Family Mission Statement is what we want our family known for… what we want to accomplish as a family. It’s our […]

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European Leadership Forum, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel, family matters, grace based parenting, grace filled marriage

  Dr. Tim Kimmel and Darcy Kimmel along side with Kory Schuknecht will be speaking at the European Leadership Forum this weekend in the Marriage and Family network.  A message from our leaders: We are so excited here at Family Matters to be participating in the European Leadership Forum being held in Wisla, Poland this year. […]

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Darcy Kimmel, Family Matters, Grace Filled Marriage, Grace Based Parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel

Many years ago, we had a consultant come to help us do some strategic planning at Family Matters. As he walked us through some next steps and big picture tactics, he also taught us a great lesson on keeping our priorities straight. In fact, he drove his point home with a great illustration.   He […]

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Potty Training, Darcy kimmel, Family Matters, Grace based parenting

I’ve always thought there should be an exemption clause for some of the stickier parts of parenting that goes into effect when you become a grandparent. For instance:   Getting up in the middle of the night Explaining body parts Heavy discipline on a regular basis Teaching them to drive And Potty Training   The […]

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Easter, Family Matters, Darcy Kimmel

  Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Luke 19:38   As Easter approaches, we are coming to a very holy time of year. If Christmas is the bow and wrappings of our faith then Easter is what’s inside the package.   Somehow though, Easter doesn’t get the same billing […]

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Lost child, prodigal son, Darcy Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting, Why Christian kids rebel, family Matters

I recognized my friend’s number on caller ID and had mixed feelings about answering my phone.  A call from her usually meant at least a half hour of listening to a heartbroken Mom whose wayward son had done another unspeakable act of rebellion.  Drugs, car wrecks, theft, dishonoring rage, getting a girl pregnant… If there […]

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Marriage and Meltdowns

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meltdown, grace filled marriage, dr tim kimmel

I had a meltdown the other day. A major meltdown – tears, yelling – the whole nine yards. Those of you who know me are probably picking your jaw up from the table right now – thinking two things. One, she always seems so calm and collected.  I had no idea she was capable of […]

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