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  Each quarter the teachers at my daughters’ school hand out awards to the students in their classroom: Honor Roll, Most Improved in Math or Reading, Star Students, Kindness, Helpfulness, Most Books Read, etc. My daughters have received several of these certificates throughout their elementary school years, but the one that they both receive regularly […]

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Let’s open up a can of worms, tell the emperor he has no clothes, and talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about education. I can tell you’re excited. Before we begin, I should disclose a few things relating to myself and the subject of education, so you know where I am coming […]

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Join us this month as we give you little snippets of insight from Dr. Kimmel’s book Connecting Church and Home, which is ready for purchase! Order your copy today! Download a FREE Sample Chapter!

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As we celebrate the life of a wonderful man of God, Dr. Howard Hendricks, we wanted to reprint a story from Dr. Kimmel’s book Little House on the Freeway about how Howard Hendricks influenced his life and the life of renouned author and speaker, Dr. John Trent. (Excerpted from Little House on the Freeway By […]

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Free Preschool

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I call it the “preschool dilemma” and it’s causing a lot of angst in many moms’ minds. Where to send them? When to send them? How to pay for it? When I tell these moms that I didn’t send my kids to preschool, mouths drop and eyebrows raise like I’m some sort of back hills, […]

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