For Small Groups

For Small Groups

Why not raise the stock value of you and your family by participating in a small group study? The fastest way to learn something is to teach it. When you lead a small group study you will not only understand the message better but solidify it to your heart. Family Matters offers small group studies in the forms of books and/or videos.

Hosting a small group study with any of the materials listed below is easy. All you have to do is keep some commitments. Here are some Small Group Commitments that insure success:

  • Courtesy – Each participant should commit to arriving to each session on time, prepared to participate.
  • Acceptance – Each participant should affirm the other participants’ verbal contributions.
  • Confidentiality – Each participant should be careful to not talk about personal issues shared by fellow participants outside the context of this study.
  • Honesty – Each participant should be forthright and truthful when they speak.
  • Respect – Each participant should be careful not to stand in judgment, give quick advice, or criticize his or her fellow participants. The goal is to make the group a safe place for participants to talk openly about their roles and about their children.

For more help and advice in leading a small group, view our Small Group Guide. This has key concepts and best practices that will allow you to have a successful study.
Small Group Guide


Here are some resources to use in your small group:



Grace Based Parenting

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Raising Kids For True Greatness

Why Christian Kids Rebel

Little House On The Freeway

Extreme Grandparenting

Basic Training

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 1): Creating An Atmosphere Of Grace 

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 2): Building Character

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 3): Aiming Your Child At True Greatness 

Extreme Grandparenting formerly Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs

Basic Training Video Study

Hurried Family Video Study



Grace Filled Marriage Video Study


Grace Based Parenting Video Study Series


Extreme Grandparenting Video Study


Hurried Families Video Study


Basic Training for a Few Good Men Video Study