For Small Groups

For Small Groups

Why not raise the stock value of you and your family by participating in a small group study? The fastest way to learn something is to teach it. When you lead a small group study you will not only understand the message better but solidify it to your heart. Family Matters offers small group studies in the forms of books and/or videos.

Hosting a small group study with any of the materials listed below is easy. All you have to do is keep some commitments. Here are some Small Group Commitments that insure success:

  • Courtesy – Each participant should commit to arriving to each session on time, prepared to participate.
  • Acceptance – Each participant should affirm the other participants’ verbal contributions.
  • Confidentiality – Each participant should be careful to not talk about personal issues shared by fellow participants outside the context of this study.
  • Honesty – Each participant should be forthright and truthful when they speak.
  • Respect – Each participant should be careful not to stand in judgment, give quick advice, or criticize his or her fellow participants. The goal is to make the group a safe place for participants to talk openly about their roles and about their children.

For more help and advice in leading a small group, view our Small Group Guide. This has key concepts and best practices that will allow you to have a successful study.
Small Group Guide


Here are some resources to use in your small group:



Grace Based Parenting

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Raising Kids For True Greatness

Why Christian Kids Rebel

Little House On The Freeway

Extreme Grandparenting

Basic Training

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 1): Creating An Atmosphere Of Grace 

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 2): Building Character

Grace Based Parenting® (Part 3): Aiming Your Child At True Greatness 

Extreme Grandparenting formerly Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs

Basic Training Video Study

Hurried Family Video Study



Grace Based Parenting Video Study Series


Extreme Grandparenting Video Study


Hurried Families Video Study


Basic Training for a Few Good Men Video Study