Family Matters wants to help you build a strong, grace-based family by providing  you tools to educate, encourage and equip you no matter what age and stage of life you are in. This page includes an extensive list of all that we have to offer to help you build stronger relationships with those you love the most. 

Mobile Web App

Our Family Matters mobile website is now available on your smart phone. Just text the word "grace" to 95577 rom your smartphone and you can take our Grace Based content with you wherever you go! 

Parents Q&A

Find the answers to many parenting questions in what is our most popular section of this website. These questions were asked by actual, living and breathing, in the trenches, parents.

Couples Q&A

These questions are geared more toward the unique challenges that couples face because they have kids. Strong parenting begins with a strong marriage. Here are some common questions we have been asked by spouses like yourself.

Read the Bible in a Year

In order to be the best parent and spouse you can be you have a strong relationship with God. The best way to strengthen your relationship with God is by getting to know Him through his Word. We encourage everyone to read the Bible in a year. If you subscribe to the email list, you can read the Bible in its entirety just by answering your email. Are you up to the challenge?