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We’re back with another Top 10 List from Raising Kids for True Greatness.  If you’ve missed our other Top 10 Lists be sure to go back and read them as they are full of great wisdom and insight.

Without further ado…

The Top 10 List for this week is …

Top 10 Ways to Teach Your Young Children to Put God First

  1. Consistently read them stories at bedtime that tell about God’s mighty power and love.
  2. When a frightening or troubling situation comes up, gather them around and show them how to put themselves in God’s hands through prayer.
  3. Show them how to pray for those they love, as well as those who need God’s love, every night at bedtime.
  4. Welcome them each morning with a positive reminder of God’s love and design for their lives.  (An example: “This is another great day that God has given us to shine for Him. You have a wonderful personality, and it’s going to be fun to see how God enables you to use it for Him today.”)
  5. Allow God’s presence to become second nature in your everyday activities (such as praying at mealtime, pointing out wonders in nature, observing how God works in people around you, singing songs to Him, etc.).
  6. Avoid evoking God’s name in an intimidating manner to express displeasure with disobedience.
  7. Make going to church and Sunday school a fun, happy and nonnegotiable part of your family life.
  8. Help your children hide  God’s Word in their hearts by memorizing key Scriptures that tell of God’s love, mercy, grace, protection, and power.
  9. Make kindness, sharing, and consideration for every member of the family a neutral outgrowth of your love for God.
  10. Avoid strong-arming your children to accept Christ as their Savior.  Treat them the way God treats you (with grace), and let the Holy Spirit draw them to Himself on His timetable.


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