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Her Last Christmas

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Life is full of Plan Bs. But with God’s help and His blessing, your foiled plans can be turned into God’s ultimate plan for you.

In the following reading of Her Last Christmas (from In Praise of Plan B), Tim Kimmel tells a story of a woman that chose to accept God’s Plan B for her life.

Learn how your life’s In Praise of Plan B is a book that will encourage readers on their journey by showing them how ordinary living can be transformed into an extraordinary life.

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Tim Kimmel

Dr. Tim Kimmel is one of America’s top advocates speaking for the family today. Over the past three decades, Tim has spoken to millions of people throughout the country through the Raising Truly Great Kids Conference, Family Life Weekend to Remember Conferences, radio and TV. In addition to speaking, he has authored several books including best seller Little House On The Freeway and award winning Grace Based Parenting.