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Who loves to shop?

Better question: Who doesn’t?


If you are currently struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything, I bet you our online store has something that they will love and cherish.  If you are currently struggling with an area or issue in your life, I bet you our online store has something that you’ll love and learn from. If you’ve attended a Grace Based Parenting conference and want to immerse yourself or your spouse with more grace-filled knowledge, I bet you our online store has a publication just right for you.  If you are in a church small group and looking for references or an exciting new lesson based book, I bet you our online store has just the thing.


Our online store is an awesome place to find all of Dr. Tim Kimmel’s publications – even the ebook versions!  The store is easy to navigate too. We have already organized the items by categories for you and will suggest similar items once you’ve selected a certain resource.


What better place to spend money and not have an ounce of guilt about it!?


Happy shopping!






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