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The long term impact of attending a Grace Based Parenting Conference:

Over 10 years ago Aaron and Amy Witsoe attended a Grace Based Parenting conference. Although they enjoyed the event and took home a few resources, as the years went by, they forgot where and how they had learned the tools they were using to parent until they went back for a refresher 10 years later (in 2013). Aaron remarked:

Witsoe Family Pic

“It was amazing how many of the things we were using in raising our boys with grace had come up during the conference. We kept elbowing each other and laughing about all the things we had been doing all along, and wondered where we got the material!”

The message they heard loud and clear was that meeting their kids’ inner needs, based on how God created them was essential.

“From a young age our kids received the message of a Secure Love, a Significant Purpose and a Strong Hope because we made it a priority, not because we did it perfectly.”

In dealing with things like sibling rivalry, managing neighborhood kid conflict, obedience in big and small issues, and fears about the future, these three foundational truths kept prodding them in their parenting.  It was the heart of these inner needs that permeated their home, not any set of parenting do’s and don’ts.

Aaron said, “I thought for sure I would “screw my kids up” based on my own upbringing, but leaning on Grace Based teaching has broken the curse in our family line of fear, isolation, trauma and abuse.”

The Witsoe’s sons are all excelling in school, get along well with others and are growing into responsible young men. But the best result is that they are open to learning about having a Humble Heart, Grateful Heart, Generous Heart and a Servant’s Heart. They are interested in developing these character traits because they received the best gift they could from their parents – being raised in a home with a climate of grace.


Michelle Broek is the Director of Advancement for Family Matters. She spends much of her time figuring out ways to advance the message of Grace. We have the privilege at Family Matters to see God change countless lives and then see those very people go on to become passionate ambassadors for the message of Grace. In the “Advancing Grace” series, Michelle shares some of her favorite stories of people turned ambassadors for a life-changing message.