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“Behind the Olan Mills portraits of so many American families are individuals grinding their teeth from the tension of years and years of being controlled. Everything looks fine to an outsider viewing those families, but to those enduring daily life at the mercy of a controlling smothering personality, life is lonely and exasperating.

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that this problem exists to some extent in all families. The tendency to control is basic to humanity. It’s that inner need for one personality to protect itself through the strength it can leverage against another. Control is not healthy for either the controller or the one being controlled. It blunts the controller’s capacity to love, but more than that, it also limits the capabilities and he capacity to dream of the one being controlled. We may love to control others, but we hate it when anyone else controls us.”


High Cost of High Control, Pull Quote, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Resource of the month, Family Matters






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