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{originally published in 2012}


I have been told more than once to stop singing CHRISTmas songs.

Shocking, yes!

Not quite so shocking when you realize I have been told that during the months of March, June and September.

CHRISTmas time seems to just automatically fill me with joy, hope and peace. The entire month of December you will pretty much always find me bustling around with an extra spring in my step.

Yes, I have all the same errands, baking, wrapping and addressing as the rest of the world, but that promise of the birth of Jesus is always front and center because I see and hear evidence of that truth everywhere.

My home has reminders of Jesus’ birth in every room, the CHRISTmas music I listen to reminds my heart continuously to meditate on love.

Singing CHRISTmas songs all year long makes a bit more sense now doesn’t it? It is a quick reminder to be full of CHRISTmas joy…no matter the month on the calendar. I cannot help but be joyful when I sing those words.

This year I may go one step further and when it’s time to put all the CHRISTmas decorations back in those boxes I am going to leave one very important item out. A CHRISTmas nativity!

This year I plan to display one of my CHRISTmas nativities year round.

How about you…how do you stir up joy when the mom grinch begins to prowl?

Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster, is the happily in love wife of Bill and the fun-filled mom of two teens, she is devoted to her family and is happiest when making memories with them. In 2008 she took her passion for speaking into the lives of moms and created the ministry of MomLife Today. She is passionate about momlife and is amazed at God\\\’s blessing of allowing her first book Be The Mom to come to fruition. She enjoys connecting with moms through her personal blog at, and on Facebook or Twitter @MomBlog



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