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“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. ”

– Ephesians 4:32  {ESV}

Forgiveness.  The very concept of forgiveness is the core of the faith.  God forgave us through Christ, not by our merit or works, but by His love.  When it comes to family and children, sometimes forgiveness seems elusive because we can quickly become bound up in measuring effort versus forgiveness.  As a pastor, one of the biggest areas I have seen this dwell in is in parents forgiving themselves, or each other.

No one expects you to be a perfect parent, not even God Himself.  However God does expect us to forgive our spouse, our kids, and even ourselves when we mess up.  Forgiveness is the safety net below the high wire of the family.  We can either cling to the high wire and not move, or we can walk step by step, knowing when we fall we are safe.  Today, pray that God expand your net of forgiveness in your family, starting with yourself.


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This is Day 16 of our 31 Days of Prayer for Your Children Challenge.

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