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We go through a lot of feather dusters at our house. Our current one is made of brightly colored yellow, green, purple, and pink feathers. On Saturday mornings it looks like a flock of parrots flew through our family room. Dusting duty with a fun feather duster is one of the more coveted Saturday chores in our home.

Age appropriate tasks, although looking better on the drawing board than behind a broom, are one of the key ways that we can prepare our children for the realities of life. Yes, I know that its easier to clean the bathroom ourselves, but how will our kids learn to take responsibility for the upkeep of their surroundings and the betterment of their own lives unless we begin teaching them when they are young?!

Modern conveniences, appliances, yard men, and pool services have replaced many of the opportunities for our children to learn about life’s requirements. In order to be able to function successfully as adults our children will need to cultivate competence, independence, self-sufficiency, a strong work ethic, and leadership. It starts on Saturday morning behind a lawn mower or a vacuum cleaner. And if our kids don’t learn these survival traits before they leave home, they may be back home before we know it.

Here’s to flying feathers and kids who turn out right,

Love, Darcy

{Originally published in 2011}

Darcy Kimmel

Darcy Kimmel has a heart for encouraging and equipping parents and grandparents to maximize their unique callings in life with the Grace Based Parenting model for relationships. Her greatest joy comes from her own family and relationships. Darcy speaks at marriage and parenting events with her husband Tim. As a writer, Darcy is co-author of several books on parenting, grandparenting and family relationships.



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