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A Way with Words

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I love, love, love words.  I love to read them, speak them, think about them, analyze them, and put them together.  I love the precision of some of them.  Discovering a word that has the most perfect meaning for a feeling, a sound, a situation – utter felicity!   When I was teaching I know my students thought I was just a little touched in the head when I would stray off into a reverie about the origin of a certain word and why we are just so doggone lucky to have it at our disposal.  Or when I would effuse enthusiasm over the power of a preposition, or a conjunction, or the difference just the right article makes in getting your point across.  But I wanted them to know and believe that words have immense power.  They can hurt us, heal us, inspire us, and incite us. I get an endorphin rush just writing these sentences, people.  I am not kidding when I say I love words.  What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t give my children something to roll their eyes at?


You know who else I think loves words?  God.  And that’s why He gave us His.  Do you get that goosebumpy feeling when you read it?  I want that for you.  He is speaking to us through it.  He is telling us who He is.  He is pouring out His love for us in the pages.  Don’t miss the chance to encounter this. 



God’s Word provides rest from worry and unease.  His Word tells us He is a God of comfort. Matthew 11:30


God’s Word assures us we are seen.  His Word tells us He is we are intimately known.  Psalm 139:13


God’s Word mollifies our need for justice. His Word tells us His timing is inerrant.  Psalm 75:2


God’s Word affirms that we can trust Him.  His Word tells us He is wise counsel.  Proverbs 2:6


God’s Word pledges we will not be abandoned – ever.  His Word tells us we eternally belong to Him.  John 10:28


God’s Word promises that we are wholly and perfectly loved.  His Word tells us His love is not conditional and cannot be altered by our mistakes.  Romans 5:8


What a gift His Word is to His children.  It is here that His character is revealed; it is our way to connect our heart to His and to experience the abundant life He wants for us. His Word is there for you; take your gift.



{Originally published in 2013}

Sonia Cleverly

Sonia Cleverly, M.Ed., is a wife, mother, lover of language, and passionate advocate for families. She equally adores Shakespeare and Seinfeld, and she tiptoed back into the work world a few years ago after spending more than a decade blissfully immersed in the greatest job known to womankind – the stay at home mom. She currently works in Family Ministry at Scottsdale Bible Church where she supports parents in “getting” grace. She and her husband, Scott, have been married for almost 27 years, and he is ever so happy she has a new audience for the 20,000+ words she feels the need to use each day.



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