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When your kids graduate High School and head to college, how do you know that you have been successful as a parent?

Have you been successful if…

  • Your kids decide to sport a WWJD bracelet at college
  • Your son is awarded a full ride scholarship in wrestling (gotta love those wrestling outfits!!)
  • Your daughter graduates President of the student council
  • Your kiddos win the “never miss a day of school” award
  • Your kids are madly in love with Jesus
  • Your kids have kissed dating goodbye

I believe that some of these are a decent measurement of parental success.


For me personally, I will know that I have been successful if my kids grow up to be quitters!

Yep, that’s right!  Team Sprad believes in, is excited about and  loves quitters!

I pray every day that my kids will have the inner strength and fortitude to…

  • QUIT toxic relationships
  • QUIT being silent and speak truth
  • QUIT the Jr. High girl drama
  • QUIT thinking you have to be friends with everyone and build relational boundaries
  • QUIT sitting at the “cool table” at lunch
  • QUIT asking for  something and start giving something
  • QUIT wearing clothes that show your boobies and start wearing turtle necks
  • QUIT tolerating when others are bullied and take a stand

Parents!!  Can I get you to help me and join the “Raise Your Kids To Be Quitters” movement!!

Don’t like the quitter idea!!?!  Here’s another way to say it…

Parents!!  We must help our kids find THEIR voice!!

To learn more about this, check out my post on EpicParent called, “Teach Your Kids To Find Their Voice”!!


What is 1 thing you want your kids to QUIT?


{Originally published in 2012}

Chris Spradlin

Chris Spradlin writes at EP is a blog that offers Jesus focused, honest, authentic, on-the-edge, innovative, entrepreneurial, get-your-hands-dirty parenting advice. Chris was on staff for several years at as a pastor and team teacher and now is a Pastor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  (someone has to serve in the heart of the Rockies). His wife’s name is Jodie and she has made the decision to go back to school and study nursing, so Chris is officially Mr. Mom where he is learning to cook breakfast, get kids ready for school, doc appointments, homework, dishes as well as laundry. He has three kiddos – Cole, Kylie and Tifton – and he passionately believes that if parents would step into their G



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