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  It’s called a Life Event Checklist.   It includes milestones like marriage, birth of a child, that same child starting college, divorce, and losing a job.  Insurance companies, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, and financial advisors use these lists in risk assessment. That’s because Life Events—the good and the bad ones—are loaded with […]

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Hope in Real Life

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Hope in Real Life, Family matters blog, Grace Based Parenting

  Emily Dickinson called hope “the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,” which implies something important about hope. It has to land somewhere.   We know what it’s like to hear messages of hope that don’t have a branch to perch upon. From “There, there, it will all turn out okay” to “Trust […]

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Acceptance, Chris and Teri Bledsoe, Grace Based Parenting, Family Matters, Dr. Tim Kimmel

  You’ve met them, the parents who have “given up” on their child, the dad who has lost all hope, the mom who acquiesced to her grief long ago. Their faces haunt you. These are the parents who used to frighten us the most. We did not want to become like them. The way we […]

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Grieving the Lasts, Chris and Teri Bledsoe, Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting, Grieving

  Years ago we read a sappy article by a mom who talked about how we document our kid’s firsts, but we never document their lasts.   One day this young mother realized she could not remember the last time she’d picked up her child and held him. There was a day somewhere in her […]

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We definitely don’t have an Instagram family. Not even close. We’re not saying our children are not beautiful, because they are. We’re just saying that no amount of cropping or color-saturating or captioning can make where we are as a family “look pretty.” That’s if we’re honest. And if we have anything to give here, […]

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