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At The Top

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Grace based parenting, Family matters, Ivy Weesner

  I would prep all morning; motivated by this great little place that I’d found at the top of a mountain my kids just had to see! We would have a picnic there at the top, under this perfect little tree with a sitting rock and we would revel in the climb we just conquered. […]

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Grace Based Parenting, Ivy Weesner, Family Matters, Special Needs Parenting, Grace

  Anytime we talk about grace-based parenting we, or maybe just I, think of the grace we need to extend to our babies…and we’re right. But I’m learning these days specifically about the grace I need to give myself for the sake of my babies. And the grace they’ve been given the opportunity to give […]

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Emotional Roll-a-Dex

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Grace Based Parenting

“Mom, I have to tell you something, but I’m afraid to because it will make you so sad”. Oakley slowly struggled with these words through real sobs. “It’s okay baby, what’s the matter?” Maybe my fellow special ed parents will relate and edify my theory. Maybe everyone else will have a better understanding, because I […]

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Bless My Soul

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Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting, Ivy Weesner, Dr. Tim Kimmel

Have you ever felt lacking? I think I already know the answer. I know I want to be a little easier on the eye, or a little stronger, a little more athletic and lean. I’ve always wanted pretty skin and while I’m at it, I wish I had more feminine hands. There are things about […]

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A Gift

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Family Matters, A Gift, Ivy Weesner, parenting, special needs

  A small Asian woman sat back in her chair peacefully watching her granddaughter practice at gymnastics with her team. She had a baggie of walnuts in her lap and a book she occasionally acknowledged but mostly proudly kept her eyes on her Gracie through the glass window.   “Well Hiiiii!” said Oakley exuberantly as […]

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Ball of Clay

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Carrie Wainwright designs, ball of clay, ivy weezner, family Matters

  We are imperfect, scarred, sometimes broken vessels but we don’t always understand why. We get angry with our children when they grow up and make mistakes that change their future or hurt their chances. We wanted to believe when they were little that they were pure…faultless. If anyone is blameless it has to be […]

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