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Can This Marriage Be Saved, Laura Petherbridge, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters Blog, Cheating

While reading the paper my husband turned to me and said, “I wonder if there is a politician who isn’t cheating on his spouse.” He was reading one more name, in a never ending list, of those committing adultery.   But Capitol Hill isn’t the only place encountering, “your cheatin’ heart.” After working in divorce […]

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Family Matters Blog, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Laura Petherbridge, Steve Petherbridge, Retirement

Did you know: Approximately one in three Americans aged 62 or older is expected to have debt in retirement (1) One-third of people over 65 rely on Social Security for 90% of their income. (2) 32% of retirees have less than 10,000 saved. (3) 31% of retirees carry mortgages. (4)   Forty years ago the […]

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