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Podcast Ep 4: Enneagram and Understanding Your Kids’ Unique Personality
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Podcast #4 Enneagram and Understanding Your Kids’ Unique Personality

Every child is made different, which can make parenting extra challenging. Listen as Karis Murray and Michelle Broek discuss this challenge and some different tools that can help with navigating these differences. Grace Based Families Podcast is a part of Family Matters Ministry.

Why is it important to have an understating of what makes your kids tick?

  • You will get a clear handle on the unique way God has designed your family members.
  • You will learn a transforming strategy to bring out the best in these relationships- and have fun along the way.

The Flag Page test will help you discover your kids (and spouses) unique personality strengths and preferences- what we call their “home country” and “adopted country”.

There are no bad countries. All are God-designed. There are 4 countries:

  • Fun Country- never a dull moment, optimistic, sincere, loves people, sense of humor
  • Perfect Country- persistent, perfectionistic, deep thinker, organized, faithful
  • Peace Country- steady, easy going, patient, avoids conflict and a good listener
  • Control Country- strong willed, bold, leader, self-sufficient, independent

God has designed each of us differently and we want to parent our unique kids in a way that brings the best out of them!

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