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Episode 25- Blueprint: ENDURANCE

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Episode 25- Blueprint: ENDURANCE

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The world is filled with idealist starters but seriously lacking in determined finishers.

That’s the difference between discipline and endurance. Discipline gets people going. Endurance enables them to go the distance.

A marathon is a perfect example of endurance. Raising children is a marathon! Marriage can feel like a marathon. Endurance keeps us going when we want to quit.

What are some walls we hit?

Money -not having enough (both parents working long hours, not enough to go around)

Some people hit the wall called “in-laws” no matter how hard they try they never feel accepted by their parents.

Some people smack into the wall of “the Boss”. Where a cruel person waves a paycheck under your nose and convinces you your family comes second to a “Company Man/Woman”.

Some of us run into the wall of “comparison” or “Discontentment” Sometimes we just want to give up.

We’d be a lot better off if we’d stop trying to set records as parents and simply concentrate our efforts on finishing.

Endurance has to be part of our daily strategy for parenting. We need to hang in rather than merely hang on AND transfer this legacy to our children as well.

Here are 5 steps to help us maintain a life pattern of endurance:

1.Set Goals: Daily life is far more tolerable when we consistently compare it to the “Big Picture”. Endurance has to have a goal. If we believe that what we are doing if futile, we are more inclined to quit. The goal of raising kids who turn our right lies in the distance.

Because it seems like such a far finish line, we need to employ a second step to help us endure:

2. Break goals into manageable moments: Don’t expect your kids to memorize the entire new testament by age 10! Memorize a verse at a time.  In order to reach the finish line, we need to run our race at a manageable pace.

3. Make trials your friends: the difficulties in life are put there to make us strong (James 1:2-4) The easy life doesn’t require faith, integrity or sacrifice. But a life worth living does!

4. Crash through the quitting points: We all wonder if we can complete this marathon called parenting (when we hit physical, emotional, spiritual walls). Quitting points must be aggressively attacked, fought, and defeated. That’s endurance. *If you have a spouse, they can help at the crucial points. Sometimes we need to hand off the baton when anger, fatigue get the best of us.

5. Surround yourself with conquerors rather than quitters. Endurance s a lot easier when it’s the standard operating procedure of the people with whom you spend the most of your time. Behavior is affected by the company they keep.

Karis Kimmel Murray is the author of Grace Based Discipline: How to Be at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst and the Creative Director of Family Matters®, a ministry who’s internationally hosted parenting and marriage events, radio and television broadcasts, articles, videos, website and best-selling books (written by Karis’ parents and Family Matters’ founders Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel,) Grace Based Parenting and Grace Filled Marriage, have been used by God to transform tens of thousands of families into instruments of His restoration and reformation.
Karis writes and speaks for Family Matters as a voice to the next generation of parents. Karis is co-host of The Family Matters Minute, a nationally syndicated one-minute radio segment heard by millions of listeners every weekday.
Karis lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Mike, their two teenage daughters and a ragamuffin menagerie of pets.