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Episode 26- Blueprint: COURAGE

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Episode 26- Blueprint: COURAGE

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Congressional Medal of Honor, Purple Heart- these people are heroes that demonstrated courage.

When you stop to think about it, courage is a greater challenge in the little things than in the big. Although it takes unusual courage to die for something, it takes even great courage to live for something. 

As parents, I don’t think we lack the courage to die for our kids. It’s the courage to live for them-to lay down our self-interest, reputation and discretionary time each day takes uncommon courage.

We can give lectures on faith, integrity and endurance but if our kids don’t see us COURAGEOUSLY living out these traits- they won’t be inclined to pursue them.

Our kids are watching. Here are some tests of courage:

Emotional Courage: it takes courage to restrain our emotions from doing our thinking for us. Loving parents resist the tugs on their emotions that incline them to do what they want rather than what they should.

We need courage to resist impulses. Without it we surrender our families to the pain of debt and frustration of distraction.  Our kids need to know a kind of courage going into their adult years that was modeled for them in their formative years.

Relational Courage:  Life is a network of relationships. It takes courage to take blame, admit fault, swallow our pride and submit to consequences.

Moral Courage: Our morals are constantly tested and our standards must e maintained.  But maintaining moral integrity can’t be done without a courageous spirit.

It takes courage to pass on gossip.

It takes courage to say no when everyone else is saying yes.

It takes courage to confront addictions.

Spiritual Courage: It takes a courageous man to admit that he isn’t as good as his motivational messages tell him he is. It takes a courageous woman to realize that she can’t get an inch closer to God on her own. It takes courage to humbly submit our lives to God.

Actions that Keep Us Courageous:

  1. Learn to confront your fears- There is nothing wrong with fear unless we try to deny it. We need to acknowledge we feel helpless and we aren’t the parents we should be.
  2. Keep company with the courageous. Courage is contagious!
  3. Never forget who is ultimately in control. Our kids must be prepared to move into a future full of cowards.

One monument in the chambers of Westminster Abbey stands out of a courageous man buried beneath it. The monument states his name, Lord Lawrence and sums up the essence of his life in one sentence “He feared man so little, Because he feared God so much.”