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Podcast Ep 2: Grace Based Discipline: Responding vs. Reacting
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Podcast #2 Grace Based Discipline: Responding vs. Reacting

On this episode, Karis Murray and Michelle Broek continue a conversation about how to discipline children with grace. Exploring topics like how to respond to children instead of reacting and the difference between discipline and punishment, Karis and Michelle take a fresh and funny spin on a serious and challenging topic.

  • 3 Different Types of Rules:

House Rules

Safety Rules

Moral Biblical Rules

  • It’s more important to raise strong kids than it is to raise “safe” kids.
  • In a grace-based family, we should have spoken rules vs. unspoken rules.
  • Is there a helpful rubric for when to discipline and when to let things slide?
    • The 10 Year Rule- this behavior might be “cute” now, but will it be in 10 years?
    • Unmet needs- are your kids struggling because of other factors you need to take into consideration, like travel, hunger, a learning challenge, special need or a skipped nap?
    • Misdemeanors and felonies- misdemeanors carry lighter consequences (toddler tantrums, picky eaters).  Felonies are more serious and are given more severe consequences (lying, cheating, defiance, abuse).

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