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Podcast Ep 1: Introduction to Grace Based Discipline
Grace Based Families

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Podcast #1 Introduction to Grace Based Discipline

Get to know Karis Murray and Michelle Broek as they tell you about themselves as well as talk about how grace can be at the heart of how to discipline your children. With humor and experience, Karis and Michelle bring you into a conversation relevant to any parent at any stage.

  • Grace Based Parenting is treating our kids the way that God treats us- with GRACE.
  • The Bible says God disciplines those He loves. Grace includes discipline.
  • Discipline is a form of grace.
  • Grace is not a license to behave in a sinful manner.
  • Grace Based discipline, at its core, is FOR our kid- for their best interest and for their eventual good.
  • What if you do it wrong? How do you talk to kids about mistakes you make in disciplining? Ask for forgiveness.
  • We must separate our kid’s behavior from their hearts.
  • Why is it important to connect with our kids after discipline? For the purpose of redemption and maintaining a heart connection.
  • Discipline vs. Punishment: Punishment is about getting even. Discipline is about giving kids what they need, regardless of what they deserve.
  • A litmus test to see if you are punishing your kids or disciplining them is shame. Shame isn’t from God. God doesn’t shame us. All our sin and shame were put to death on the cross.

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