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Podcast Ep. 8- Four Truths for Parenting in the Digital Age
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Even the most tech-savvy parent feels we’re at a disadvantage to monitor, protect and guide our kids through the mine field that is the internet. We should stay involved and vigilant, but we are always chasing a constant changing threat.

We don’t need a special instruction manual to parent in the digital age. We just need God’s grace, truth and the Holy Spirit. God’s Word remains true in the Digital Age.

Truth #1: Behind every profile, avatar, post and program is a real person whom Jesus loves.

Our job is to do our best to raise our kids to treat others the way God treats them. We expect our kids to treat everyone online with the same online standards as they do face-to-face.

We need to teach our kids to set boundaries and know that not everyone is a “safe person” and encourage them to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves (Matt 10:16).

Truth #2 You Are Never Anonymous Online

Secrecy breeds shame- you can’t hide behind firewalls and IP’s forever. Your sin will find you out. (Numbers 32:23)

Truth #3 Data Lives Forever

Delete is a myth. Nothing is ever truly erased…especially PHOTOS!

Truth #4 Character Matters Online Just Like Everywhere Else

Who our kids are online is only an extension of who they are at their core. Our kids default programs should be faith, integrity, poise, discipline, endurance and courage.

When we build character into our kids’ hearts, we are installing the tools they will need to live a moral life, whether the dilemmas they face exist in the physical or digital world.

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