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Podcast Ep. 12- Taking the Crazy Out of Christmas: The Year of Less
Grace Based Families

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Christmas can be a time of stress, excess and family drama. A better plan is to live more simply, expect less and give more. Let this be a time to get back to the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

  1. Be up front and talk to your family about the realities of your financial situation. – Be honest but also remain positive. Even young children can understand that money is tight. Telling them early will help them set reasonable expectations.
  2. Reassure them that you will still be celebrating the holiday but it won’t be just about presents this year. Your excitement about new plans can set the tone for how your family responds.
  3. As you plan your Christmas shopping, set a budget for each child. Ask them to choose one or two gifts that fall within that budget.
  4. In order to make room for the new gifts, have them choose an equal amount of items that are in good condition to give to a charity.
  5. Make sure that you model an attitude of cheerful giving rather than lament the work and money involved to bless others.
  6. In order to let them experience the joy and responsibility of gift giving, have them do chores to earn enough money or handcraft a small but thoughtful gift for each member of their family.
  7. Spend time each evening talking about the way God has blessed your family and culminate the season with several nights of emphasis on God’s greatest gift, Jesus.
  8. Use this time of year to teach and model to your children the joy of giving to others through opportunities to serve in your church and your community.
  9. Keep the spirit of Christmas going by using these service opportunities as a spring board for what your family might do the rest of the year to help others.
  10. When it comes to having a Christ-filled Christmas, lead with your grateful, generous, humble and others oriented attitude.

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