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Podcast Ep. 6- Lessons for Parents to Learn this School Year
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Here’s a snippet of some lessons we’ve learned about our kids going back to school, stuff we wish we had known earlier.  We learned some of these lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to . . .

Lesson 1.- Your kids can get a bad teacher at an awesome school.  (And by the same token they can get an awesome teacher at a bad school.)  Of course, it’s a definite red flag if the good isn’t outweighing the bad.  But a year with a difficult, harsh, incompetent, unkind (insert your choice of undesirable qualities here) teacher doesn’t have to be a waste of a year.  They overcame.  They persevered.  Reading, writing, and arithmetic aren’t the only things in life worth learning.

Lesson 2.- Your kids need to learn to manage their own friendships.  Especially when problems arise.  You can give them wise input.  You can stay in communication with them about how things are progressing. 

Lesson 3.- Your kids might be bothered. It doesn’t mean they are being bullied. We use that term entirely too recklessly in today’s world.  A mean word isn’t bullying.  Being excluded from a birthday party isn’t bullying.  Bullying involves an intent to harm, an imbalance of power, and repeated acts or threats of aggressive behavior.  Our kids need us to help them have the confidence and character to live in a world that won’t always be on their side.

Lesson 4.- Your kids will fail. In academics.  In relationships.  In their behavior.  Sometimes in all these areas, all in one day.  If there are difficult natural consequences to their choices, don’t stand in the way.  You’ll want to.  Really badly. Sometimes you will. Don’t make it a habit.  A poor grade in math won’t define them.  Failure is an exceptional teacher.  We parents know this to be true.  Because we have experienced failure.

These school years are full of wonderful joy and great growth for our kids and for us.  They also bring heartache and sleepless nights – for our kids and for us.  But the best lesson we can learn is that all the hard stuff is just a wonderful excuse to be on our knees in dependence to a big God who has been with us through it all.

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