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Podcast Ep. 7- The Freedom to Be Different
Grace Based Families

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In this episode, Karis Murray and Michelle Broek talk about how weird they were as kids, how weird their own kids (and husbands) are, but mostly, how our “weirdness” is actually a gift from God. Giving the people we love the freedom to be “different” is key to showing them grace.

  • Grace can’t be some abstract concept that you talk about in your home. It must be a real-time action that imprints itself on your child’s heart. Grace not only means that God loves them even though they are sinners, but that He loves them uniquely and specially.
  • So much grace is stolen in the heart of the moment by our selfishness. Kids want things, need things, say things, or do things that either bother us, embarrass us or hurt us.
  • Some synonyms for different: unique, weird, bizarre, strange, quirky.
  • Let’s clarify that we aren’t saying grace-based homes should tolerate sin or evil or anything that is contrary to the Bible. The Bible contains general precepts about modesty, humility and caring about others. But we must be careful that we don’t use the Bible to put words in God’s mouth that he didn’t say.
  • Declaring war on differences just because it isn’t our preference is a good way to snuff out a kid’s sense of wonder and amazement over a lifetime.
  • Overreacting to your children’s desire to follow a fashion fad, especially if there is nothing morally or biblically wrong with it, could unnecessarily close you off from more meaningful relationships with them.
  • What if some of the things our kids do to express themselves point to some inner turmoil? We are far wiser to move past the outer problem and address the inner one straight on. Responding to inner problems of sin, anger and despair can have a far greater effect than anything else we might do.

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Karis Kimmel Murray is the author of Grace Based Discipline: How to Be at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst and the Creative Director of Family Matters®, a ministry who’s internationally hosted parenting and marriage events, radio and television broadcasts, articles, videos, website and best-selling books (written by Karis’ parents and Family Matters’ founders Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel,) Grace Based Parenting and Grace Filled Marriage, have been used by God to transform tens of thousands of families into instruments of His restoration and reformation.
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Karis lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Mike, their two teenage daughters and a ragamuffin menagerie of pets.