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The late David Foster Wallace is famous for the following anecdote: There were two young fish swimming side-by-side in the ocean. An older, seasoned fish came swimming towards them from the opposite direction. As he passed, he asked, “How’s the water?” and then swam on. The two young fish glided along for a while and […]

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Grace :: It’s Simple Math

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Grace is hard work. And most the time it doesn’t add up. I think this is why so many people reject it as the default mode of their lives. God actually expects us to: Be kind to people who aren’t always kind in return. Forgive people who don’t deserve to be forgiven. Be generous to […]

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High Cost of High Control, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family matters, Grace Based parenting, Resource of the month

“We aren’t supposed to control our spouses. We aren’t supposed to control our children. The Bible says we’re to keep them under control; there’s a big difference between controlling children and keeping them under control. The foundational principle that leaped at me from the Scriptures is that control, as we’ve defined it here, is destructive […]

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  I have to be honest…last year I swore off parenting books.   I’m a single parent with five children – ages 19 down to 6.  I’m outnumbered and overwhelmed.  And usually when I read parenting books, I just end up feeling like a failure.  I can’t see the hope…I just see all the missed […]

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