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  I’ve written before about body image and the important role that both fathers and mothers play in helping to form a healthy body image in their children. We have an important responsibility as parents to keep a healthy body image and therefore transfer that healthy body image to our kids. Mostly, how we feel […]

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  “Little pitchers have big ears…” It’s a quote from a movie I once saw. It was regarding how an outsider noticed that a mother would say outlandish opinions of things right in front of her child and wonder why her child was so fearful of life.  Although the quote was meant for hushing certain […]

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Body Image After Baby

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{an archive from 2011} The closet is staring at me and I am staring back.  We have been standing like this for a few minutes now.  The closet is passive and silent and I am feeling the anger in my blood rise.  I think the closet mocks me.  “None of my contents will fit you […]

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Developing Healthy Body Image

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{archive from 2011} As parents, and especially as Moms, we are champion protectors.  Like a Mama Bird guarding her eggs, we protect our little chicks day in and day out.  We heed recall warnings, rid our homes of BPA laced sippy cups, follow the data on how often and where our babies should sleep – […]

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Body image is an issue that has transcended the eras. Different cultures and different fragments of time have varying ideas of what they consider beautiful or desirable. We live in a time now where, as a whole, our ideal for beauty is thinner than it has been for most of history, but as a whole, […]

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The title of this post sounds harsh, I know. Us moms have so much on our shoulders. We all love our children fiercely and none of us would ever want to do something that would cause any of them harm. We are weary of the weight of our responsibility. I wrestled with how to write […]

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