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  I’ve wanted to write for days…well, probably weeks, but life keeps getting in the way.  I wanted to be in a better place before I shared.   I wanted my blog to have a title like, “5 Steps to Parenting Perfection” or “No Regret Parenting” or “I Figured It Out!!!” But alas, I don’t have […]

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{originally published in 2013}   I don’t know about you, but I am pretty hard on myself.  I set up these fantastic goals, mostly unrealistic, and then become annoyed, depressed, and angry with myself.  I have resolved to stop the cycle this year! Who is with me?!   I have decided to create Grace Filled […]

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Teach Not Demand

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She walked up to me smiling, “OK Mom, my room’s all done!  Come and see!”  I stepped away from my own chores and followed her bouncy little body into her room.  There she stood, grinning from ear to ear, I got her best Vanna White arm extension, followed by a wink of those big brown […]

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