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Love One Another

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It’s not a stretch to compare a kid’s birthday party to a war zone. I mean, 30 kids playing games, having a water balloon fight, eating cake and ice cream, and opening presents is certainly the fastest way I know to make your home look like the Battle of Armageddon. My six year old daughter’s […]

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Facebook forces users to make choices the entire time they’re logged into the site. Will you update your status or not? Should you comment on a FB Friend’s posted picture or not? Do you want to accept a Friend Request or not? Unfortunately, without too much thought, some choices can have a devastating impact to […]

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{Originally published in 2011} There is such a fine line in parenting between guiding and controlling.  A parent must constantly be asking themselves, especially as their child ages, if a certain outcome is in the child’s best interest or simply a parental preference. Some parents, for instance, would prefer to pick their child’s friends for […]

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It’s Not Contagious

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  Things changed when my husband left…many things.  One thing I didn’t anticipate is the change in friendships.   For 18 years I was part of a couple, and although we didn’t do everything as a couple, we did do most things.  Being part of a couple meant more than just double dates.  It meant […]

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Let It Go

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  Okay, okay, I apologize for the gratuitous “Frozen” reference in the title of this blog. If you have young children, I know you’ll understand how quickly a parent’s life becomes saturated with “kid culture.” At this moment in my life, MOPS doesn’t stand for “Mothers of Preschoolers.” It stands for “Mother Obligingly Playing Soundtracks.” […]

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Community, Not Perfection

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  Yesterday was not a good day. It started and ended with a crying baby. Somewhere in the middle I yelled at my three old to “fix her face” because she was pouting in public. Apparently, it is acceptable for mamas to grow horns and hiss angrily in public but not for little ones to […]

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