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As the World Goes to Pot

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  If things at street level keep proceeding on their present course, we’ll soon be raising our kids in a world that sees smoking pot on par with having a glass of wine with dinner.   When you add to this the fact that …   some of the most popular music videos now leave […]

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Advancing Grace, Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting

Family Matters equips people from all walks of life to engage more relationally in the world around them.   Family Matters first met Terry and Glenda Mason through an inquiry on the Family Matters website.  The message from Terry read:   I have been reading your book on Extreme Grandparenting and am getting very excited […]

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I stopped playing soccer when I was six because I didn’t like getting kicked in the shins. This is a fact I am not necessarily proud of, but I unfortunately cannot change my past. I really enjoyed the sport, but the thought of playing hurt week in and week out was too much for me […]

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