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And That’s OK

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  I still have Easter decorations waiting to be put away…and that’s ok. I haven’t unpacked the last four boxes from when we moved in over a year ago…and that’s ok. There are projects yet to be sewn or glued together…and that’s ok. I haven’t lost those pesky last 5 pounds…and that’s ok. Most likely […]

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Commit to 31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse. Write Your Spouse a love note. Pray together with your spouse one time a day for a week. Kiss for 30 seconds every day for a week. Read or Reread the book, Grace Filled Marriage. Text your mate a message of love just for them. Guys, […]

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  Who loves to shop? Better question: Who doesn’t?   If you are currently struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything, I bet you our online store has something that they will love and cherish.  If you are currently struggling with an area or issue in your life, I bet you […]

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Father’s Day Discount

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  Have you been in our online store lately?  If you have, you will notice Family Matters offers resources for Parenting, Couples, Blended Families, Women, Men and Single Parenting.  You will also have seen that we offer not only books to read but also videos to watch, CD’s to listen to and some great deals […]

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