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Grieving the Lasts, Chris and Teri Bledsoe, Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting, Grieving

  Years ago we read a sappy article by a mom who talked about how we document our kid’s firsts, but we never document their lasts.   One day this young mother realized she could not remember the last time she’d picked up her child and held him. There was a day somewhere in her […]

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United We Stand in Joy, Sorrow and Single Parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters Blog, Sue Birdseye

Since becoming a single parent I’ve found more strength and blessing in the Body of Christ than I could have ever imagined.  From the bewildering day my husband announced he was leaving, friends have stood by my side as I fought for my family and eventually accepted divorce.  To today when my friends still bless […]

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