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  I’ve written before about body image and the important role that both fathers and mothers play in helping to form a healthy body image in their children. We have an important responsibility as parents to keep a healthy body image and therefore transfer that healthy body image to our kids. Mostly, how we feel […]

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A Different “F” Word

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  Oy, the things kids pick up at school. It seems that no matter how hard we try to keep certain words from becoming part of our kids’ vocabularies, they end up picking them up anyway.   A few weeks ago, as I was preparing lunch for my kids I overheard them talking about their […]

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{Originally published in 2011} There is such a fine line in parenting between guiding and controlling.  A parent must constantly be asking themselves, especially as their child ages, if a certain outcome is in the child’s best interest or simply a parental preference. Some parents, for instance, would prefer to pick their child’s friends for […]

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