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There’s so much parenting advice out there! With myriad voices claiming that their method is best, how do parents sift through all of the advice to find the truth? Following is a question that was emailed to us and our response. We think it might be helpful to both parents and pastors as they try […]

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A Different “F” Word

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  Oy, the things kids pick up at school. It seems that no matter how hard we try to keep certain words from becoming part of our kids’ vocabularies, they end up picking them up anyway.   A few weeks ago, as I was preparing lunch for my kids I overheard them talking about their […]

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Method vs. Philosophy

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Often here at Family Matters, whether it’s a question that’s emailed to us, or someone who’s at a conference with us, we’ll get questions like, “What do you think of (such and such) book or (so and so’s) brand of parenting method?” Sometimes we’re familiar with what they’re referencing and sometimes we aren’t but the […]

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