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Grace Based Parenting, Listening

  Special needs, age 34 and totally enjoying his “kid” show… as he kept saying “booger, booger….” with some intensity. I said, “Joey just get a Kleenex. “Mom, booger, BOOGER!” I repeated to get a Kleenex. Finally, he points to the TV and I could see he was watching WORD GIRL, yes, WORD GIRL. In […]

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Do you know the dance steps, Cindi Ferrini, Family Matters, Grace based parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel

Raising a son with special needs (age 32) has allowed us to work together on a lot of different levels and on different issues. So when our daughter and son-in-law, who were living with us, went to the hospital to deliver their second child, we went into our dance! We’d just gotten back from seeing […]

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