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Parents, STOP Comparing!

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It seems lately I’m seeing a high number of articles describing the challenges of the different ways we choose to live our lives…or ways we have to live our lives.  I used to understand this – the need to justify and convince others of the value of what we’re doing or the choices we’ve made.  […]

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Grace Based Parenting

  Parenting is hard. Just being honest…and probably preaching to the choir.   I have five children ranging from college to 2nd grade. I’m a single working mom. I’m tired.   Unfortunately, I’m also fussy, frustrated, easily annoyed, and just not a fun momma a lot of the time. I can think of many day in the past […]

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Blessings on the Beach

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  Here I am sitting on the shore looking at my beautiful children playing in the surf…just loving them so much.  There are moments when I’m overcome with the depth of my love for them. Watching them laugh, play and even help each other in the surf blesses me immeasurably. We needed this time.  This […]

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  Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Proverbs 3:5   It is interesting to me that that verse isn’t “Trust in the Lord with all of your mind.”  Why is that? Why does God say heart? I looked up the meaning of heart in my concordance and it says that God uses […]

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It’s Not Contagious

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  Things changed when my husband left…many things.  One thing I didn’t anticipate is the change in friendships.   For 18 years I was part of a couple, and although we didn’t do everything as a couple, we did do most things.  Being part of a couple meant more than just double dates.  It meant […]

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Offering and Receiving

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My children and I talk often about forgiveness.  It’s been a great dinner discussion topic, but in order for my children to truly understand the importance and application I just gotta teach through doing, both offering and receiving. A few days ago I read an article dealing with the issue of forgiving public figures who […]

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