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  I love my mom! I would not be the man I am today without her. She and I have always had a special relationship, but it is not the same today as it was when I was a boy. When I was young my mom was my primary nurturer.¬† She fed me, tucked me […]

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When Does Your Son Become A Man

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{originally published in 2012}   This is the million-dollar question for our current generation of American boys. ¬†They are wandering, looking for any possible way to get a firm answer so they can begin the next chapter of their lives. ¬†Unfortunately, many of them will never get the answer they are looking for, so they […]

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This Ask Tim post is from our archives, but we thought that it was a great time to revisit this topic with kids returning to school and all that goes with that, including dating. Q: Could you please give me just a little direction in what you think would be the best way to go […]

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