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A Hill To Die On

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{Originally published in 2013} “I can’t get my stepkids to eat healthy foods,” a stepmom shared with me.   “When they are at their mom’s house they eat fast food and stuff filled with chemicals. But at our house I feel it’s important to eat a lot of vegetables and everything organic.” She continued. “This […]

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If I’m being totally honest there were times in my early years as a stepmom that I didn’t even like my stepsons, much less love them. To me they appeared spoiled and pampered, plus everyone in my husband’s family seemed to tip-toe around their wants and whines. This was the total opposite of the extremely […]

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“I’ve decided to begin some new techniques with my adult stepkids,” Stepmom Nancy shared with me.   “I sent an email to my step daughter- in-law sharing how I wanted to begin a fresh year and communicate more often. I have decided to stop waiting for them to make the first move. I want them […]

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