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It’s Not Contagious

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  Things changed when my husband left…many things.  One thing I didn’t anticipate is the change in friendships.   For 18 years I was part of a couple, and although we didn’t do everything as a couple, we did do most things.  Being part of a couple meant more than just double dates.  It meant […]

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“When I am wrestling with some of the great dilemmas of life, I like to start my search for answers in the one Book that has stood the test of time – the Bible. My walk through God’s Word established the premise for this book. But before I could find what I was looking for, […]

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  Too often, we allow our insecurities to dictate what we think we can do for God.  We look in the mirror and judge what we see based on the world’s definition of beauty.  We allow man’s version of success to dictate how we feel about our lives and accomplishments.   How differently would we […]

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Physical fitness occupies a lot of the high ground in the public arena.  Because of the media carpet-bombing we’re forced to endure on a regular basis, we’re either reminded of how fit we are or, more likely, how far from fit we are. So much of the pressure is photo-shopped to emphasize the aesthetics over […]

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Poise is gentle strength. It’s a working knowledge of the two extremes of life and the ability to balance between them.

Life has a hard side and a soft side. Jesus’ public ministry illustrated this every day. He knew the proper use of tears and laughter, muscle and reason, leadership and servanthood…

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Prayer is the Thing

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Prayer is the Thing, Sue Birdseye, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based parenting, Family Matters Blog

  In the past several years my prayer life has been many things. From the moment my husband said he was thinking of leaving to today, prayer has been my lifeline.  It was the source of my strength and peace. When things settled down and my single mom life became “normal,” it was my venting […]

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United We Stand in Joy, Sorrow and Single Parenting, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family Matters Blog, Sue Birdseye

Since becoming a single parent I’ve found more strength and blessing in the Body of Christ than I could have ever imagined.  From the bewildering day my husband announced he was leaving, friends have stood by my side as I fought for my family and eventually accepted divorce.  To today when my friends still bless […]

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