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Next Week Never Comes

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  It’s a small decision, but a decision none the less.   I have decided to stop saying that “next week will be better.” Not “better” as in- this week is bad. Just “better” in that I will have more time, things will be less stressful, we will have fewer commitments and overall life will […]

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Your Love Never Fails

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  Just a couple of weeks ago my family enjoyed a concert on the lawn of a local Christian college.  Being outdoors our kids enjoyed the music while also enjoying the freedom to run around in the grass.  If you were there and your worship experience was dampened by said children playing tag around you and using their “outside” […]

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  At the insisting of my son, I walked outside. I was quickly handed a bat and, because I’m perceptive like that, I understood that I was to join him in a game of baseball. We took turns placing the ball on the tee and swinging the bat. Lefty. Righty. Bothy. It didn’t matter.  Our […]

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